About Us

As a professional photography studio, our mission is to professionally integrate creativity into everything we do as well as continue to embrace value-added resources which sets us apart from the competition and make our clients take notice.

The Quality Standard in Professional Photography

Hello and welcome to the online home of G Photo Studio, Ontario’s premier photography and videography service dedicated to creating lasting memories for years to come. Since 2001, we have specialized in South Asian wedding and engagement shoots and can provide you with a wide variety of creative, inspiring photography, videography and editing services that are sure to meet your needs.

Here at G Photo Studio, we provide modeling and portrait shoot services that get noticed and will catch the eyes of ad agencies around the world. Our staff is friendly and accommodating and willing to work with you as needed to deliver you the best photography experience we possibly can. Our advanced, high resolution professional digital SLR cameras ensure that your pictures meet even the toughest client expectations both in Digital and Print form.

Our Founder

     Hi, my name is Gurupkar Dhanjal and I am the founder and lead photographer here at G Photo Studio. I have always been passionate about photography and love to take pictures of nature, wildlife and food. My photographic specialties are fashion, still life and, of course, creating beautiful, memorable wedding photography. I am committed to creating partnerships with my clients that last a lifetime.

Thank you for visiting us today and for making G Photo Studio your number one choice for premium wedding, engagement and portrait shoot photography services.