About Us

As a professional photography studio, our mission is to professionally integrate creativity into everything we do as well as continue to embrace value-added resources which sets us apart from the competition and make our clients take notice.

The Benchmark of Excellence in Professional Photography

Welcome to the digital abode of G Photo Studio, Ontario’s foremost purveyor of photography and videography services, meticulously crafting memories that endure through time.

Since our inception in 2001, we have honed our expertise in capturing the timeless beauty of South Asian weddings and engagements. We offer an expansive suite of innovative and compelling photography, videography, and editing services tailored to fulfill your unique requirements.

G Photo Studio stands as a beacon of excellence in portrait and modeling photography, producing striking visuals that resonate with ad agencies worldwide.

Our team, characterized by its warmth and adaptability, prioritizes working closely with you to ensure a premier photography experience.

Leveraging the precision of our advanced high-resolution professional digital SLR cameras, we guarantee your photos will exceed the most demanding expectations in both digital and print formats.

Meet Our Founder

Hello, I’m Gurupkar Dhanjal, the proud founder and lead photographer at G Photo Studio.

My lifelong passion for photography has drawn me to capture the charm of nature, the vitality of wildlife, and the allure of culinary delights. My areas of expertise extend to fashion, still life, and of course, crafting radiant, unforgettable wedding photography.

I am steadfast in my commitment to forge lasting partnerships with my clients, built on mutual trust and understanding.

Thank you for choosing G Photo Studio, your premier choice for high-end wedding, engagement, andportrait shoot photography services.

We’re honored to deliver portrait and modeling shoot services that not only get noticed but captivate audiences around the globe.