An E-Shoot is simply a pre wedding Engagement shoot.  We get together a few weeks or months before your wedding date for an hour or so to capture some lovely photography, however the E-Shoot itself is so much more than just photography…


G Photo Studio is notorious for the creation of the ‘Same Day Edit,’ a term which has taken the wedding film industry to new heights. A Same Day Edit is a trailer featuring the main highlights of a couples’ wedding ceremony…


G Photo Studio makes it possible for every bride and groom to bring their dream wedding to life. A wedding marks one of the most memorable milestones in a couple’s life, and it is the responsibility of the film crew to capture every precious moment…

Welcome to G Photo Studio, Ontario’s premier photography and videography service dedicated to creating lasting memories for years to come.

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Hire a photographer

Event photographers will capture all important moments upon film at your next occasion. Whether you need a social professional photographer to capture the marvelous moments of your wedding or perhaps a corporate event photographer to produce a snapshot of your convention, tradeshow, or exposition, G Photo Studio has you covered. You may hire us even if your event is next year or the following year.

Create a commercial for your business

Custom made commercials are what we love to call “advertising gold.” We understand that every single business is different, and by developing these commercials, you are spotlighting your business and showcasing your own brand. We can film virtual tours, product promotions are more! G Studio offers the best combination of photography, videography and editing for business owners.

E Shoot Locations

There are numerous well-known places in Toronto for wedding and wedding photography as well as some concealed gems. Some of the locations need permits while others are free of charge. There are pros to selecting a location that requires a support so please, don’t overlook a location simply because a support may be necessary. If you need any assistance on choosing a location, we are here to help you.